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What is 3CRP's refund policy if I sign up in advance and cannot make it to a race?

Few, if any, races offer refunds to entrants who sign up early, but then find out that are unable to participate on race day.

Race Directors use early registrations as a tool to project the total number of participants and base their spending on items that need to be ordered well in advance of race day on the number of early registrations. (Expenses such as T-Shirts, goodie bag items, port-a-potties, etc.) Thus, refunding entry fees for no-shows, which average 15% at most races these days can wreck race budgets --- or if the RD assumes a 15% no-show rate and under-orders T-Shirts, can leave the RD short on race morning, hurting the race in the eyes of the participants.

Thus 3C Race Productions has adopted the following, liberal refund policy for our own races --- which are listed in out schedule as A Moose Milers Running Club Production. Refund policies for all other races listed on our schedule are set by the individual race directors.

Runners who request a refund more than 60 days prior to the event will receive a refund in the amount of the pre-entry fee minus the online registration service fee.

Runners who request a refund between 60 days and 14 days prior to the event will receive a coupon good for any other 3CRP event. The coupon will be valid for 1 year.

Runners will not receive a refund if they do not request the refund at least 14 days prior to the event.

Runners can transfer their entry to another runner up to 2 days prior to the event.

I do not want my result posted online. Can you do this?

It is a standard policy that anyone who registers for an event and successfully completes the race appears in the results. This is automatic. Results normally include your Bib Number, Name,Age, Gender, City, and State. They do not include addresses, emails, date of birth, etc.

I am not i nthe results of the race I ran. Can you fix this?

Yes - just send us an email with the name of the race, the date of the race, your bib number, name, and finishing time. We will double check the race records and updaet teh results as apprpropiately

Please remove my name from the results

If you do not want to appear in the results of a race, do not register for that race. Do not participate in the race. Requesting removal from race results hosted on our site is subject to a $25 service charge per race result. We host results for all events that we time. We are unable to remove results from any sites other than www.3craceproductions.com. If you want a result to be removed, send us an email and we will provide payment info and upin receiving payment will remove the result.

Will I receive a t-shirt if I enter a 3C Race Productions race?

Each race has its own policy for awarding t-shirts (or other items suck as tech shirts, socks, gloves, pint glasses). This information will be on the race application. If a race app says t-shirts are guaranteed to all runners, then you will receive one. If, however, a race app says T-Shirts to the first 100 runners or T-Shirts to all runners who sign up by July 4, 2012, then you will only receive a t-shirt if you meet the stated rules.

How many runners are signed up for the race?

Click on our Registration Totals page. It is updated several times each week.

I ran in a 3CRP race in prior to 2012. Where can I find the race results?

Race Results 2011

Race Results 2010 - 2003

Snowshoe Racing! Tell me more!

Snowshoe Racing

For Race Directors ----- For Runners

What is your fee for Race Production, Race Timing & Finish Line Management, etc.?

We do not have a set fee for many of our services, since races vary greatly in terms of their needs. Full scale Race Production for a small race can be done with a much smaller crew and much less effort than a 2,000 runner race. Similarly timing fees can vary as we can time small races manually without the added costs of chips - which is pretty standard now for all races of 1,000+. Our price can also vary with the time of the year. Holidays such as Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, and the 4th of July incur higher rates, while week night races and races during the off season (generally starting 2 weeks after Thanksgiving and going until the week before St. Patrick's Day will be charged our lowest rates.

How much does online registration cost?

Online registration is a service that most races provide to runners as a convenience, and thus the service charge is normally paid by the runners themselves. A few races absorb the service charge, but several studies and the opinions of many race directors show that this does not increase registrations. Runners are used to paying an extra charge for the convenience of entering online. Thus if your entry fee is $25.00, you will receive $25.00 for every online registration. We now have our own registration service: G2RaceReg

How much do you charge for t-shirts/tech shirts/etc.? Is it worth it for me to buy from you instead of my local screen printer?

3CRP has worked with the same screen printer for 10 years and use them for almost all of our purchases and since we buy more than 10,000 t-shirts and tech shirts each year, plus 2,000+ pint glasses, and numerous other items we get great prices and can usually beat your local screen printer. Plus I have years of experience in ordering these items and managing the process to insure top quality and on time delivery.

While I cannot give exact quotes without having your artwork in hand and knowing what type of shirt, total quantity, and size breakdowns, I can get white t-shirts with a 3 color print for around $4.50; color t-shirts for around $5.25, and tech shirts for around $7.50.

Can you supply the race numbers and pins? Can you print custom race numbers for my race?

3C Race Productions in conjunction with one of our sponsors can supply you with race numbers and pins.

We can print custom race numbers for you as well, but need to place the order at least 18 days in advance. We an customize the numbers with your race name and/or race logo. Custom numbers normally cost between 20 and 30 cents, depending on the quantity and the artwork or lettering required.

3CRP gives out pint glasses at a lot of your races? Can you print custom pint glasses for my race?

We sure can. Runners really like the pint glasses we give out and we frequently order more than we need for awards and sell the rest after the race. We can get them for your race for around $3.25 each with a 1 color print.

We don't have out own web site. Can you host our race application on your website?

Yes we can. We do this for dozens of races. We can even design the application, logo, and web page for you.

How many volunteers do I need to give you on race day?

The number will vary depending upon the size and complexity of the race, but we normally ask for a minimum of 3 volunteers to help us wit hthe timing and finish line management. You can, of course, opt to have us bring a much larger crew than normal and pay for them instead of supplying volunteers

For a full scale race production we may or may not require volunteers depending upon your needs and wants. We have done several races with no volunteers at all --- and charged accordingly.

It is pretty simple to understand - the more work that we have to do, the more we will charge you. The more work you do yourselves with volunteers, the less we will charge you.

Do you do chip timing?

3C Race Productions chip times dozens of races each year using the Race|Result chip timing system. This German- engineered system is one of the best chip timing systems in the world and has been used to time races of up to 50,000 runners including many of the largest marathons and half marathons in Europe. We have timed road races, ultra-marathons, and an aeriel adventure race.

Why should we choose 3C Race Productions over other cheaper options?

3C Race Productions might not be the lowest bidder on your event, but we will be one of the most experienced. We have produced, managed, and/or timed more than 1,000 races since 2003. We are proud that our crews have the combination of the 3 'E's that are needed for successful race production: Expertise, Experience, and Equipment.

Can you provide barricades, cones, a finish line bridge, etc. for my race?

3C Race Productions has a large supply of equipment need for full scale race production, but not neccessarily everything that might be needed. But we work with partners to obtain any equipment you need that we might not have. And since we have established relationships with these vendors you will be assured of getting the best prices without having to go to multiple vendors for each item needed.

I am an avid runner but have never put on a race before. Can you help me get started?

Most certainly. 3C Race Productions specializes in helping budding race directors get their first race off the ground. We have spent hundreds of hours on the phone and in person coaching new race directors as they learn how to make their events successful. The majority of our new business each year comes from first year directors - either through referrals from other race directors or because they ran in one of our previous events.

This is the first year of our race and we really can't afford to pay for someone to produce and/or time it. Can you rent us the equipment needed for us to do it ourselves?

We do not rent out our equipment for several reasons. First, our timing equipment is both delicate and expensive and we do not want it being used (and/or abused) by untrained volunteers. Second and more importantly, trying to produce and/or time an event without any experience is very risky and we do not want to be associated with potentially mediocre (or worse) events. Our reputation is our most important asset and we protect it fiercly. Still, many budding race directors do choose to go it alone the first year - and that results in our second best source of new business. {grin}

Our organization requires references before we hire any outside vendors. Can you provide them?

Yes. We have numerous race directors we have worked for that are more than happy to provide references for us. Just let us know and we will send them to you.