About 3C Race Productions

3C Race Productions is a full service, professional race production company that produces, manages and provides race services to more than 200 races each year throughout New England. 3CRP events are always the highest quality and fun for runners and walkers of all ages and talent levels. Our feature events include the New England Half Marathon Tour - featuring half marathons in all 6 New England States including the Wolf Hollow Half Marathon, the Killington Half Marathon, and the Freeport Half Marathon; the Jack London 10K Trail Race; the Beaver Brook and Horse Hill Snowshoe Races; the Moose On The Loose 10 Mile Trail Race & Relay; Oliver's St. Paddys Day 5K; the 4K On The Fourth; and many more. We also produce and/or manage dozens more races such as the Harwich 5K, Falmouth 5000, the Peanut Butter Chip Chase 5K, the Wounded Warrior 5K, the Bad Habit Productions 5K, and the Granite State Snowshoe Series. In addition, we provide professional race services to more than 100 other races throughout New England and beyond such as the Lake George NY Half Marathon, the Las Cruces New Mexico Half Marathon, and this spring's TM 5K in Washington DC.

Michael Amarello Running Beaver Brook Snowshoe Race in 2001

3C Race Productions was founded in 2002 primarily as a means of funding the Moose Milers & Marathoners (which later became a part of the GCS Triad Racing Team) the winner of 2006 USATF New England Gran Prix Series, the 2006 USATF Maine Gran Prix Series, and the 2006 USATF National Mountain Running Championships in the Female 40+, Female 50+, and Male 50+ Age Groups. 3C Race Productions LLC has grown into a full-service, professional race production company in its own right, and continues to support several running clubs with proceeds from its events. Additional proceeds are directed towards local charities from all 3C Race Productions events.

Michael Amarello Running Freestyle Farm Steeplechase in 2002

3C Race Productions personnel include Michael, Virginia, Chris, Charlene, and Charles Amarello; Alec Wolfe, Luis Rios, Jay Donoghue, Tony Myatt, Alyssa Michel, Dave Simmons, Tom Stewart, Ryan King, Bill Keating, Lori Mack, Charito Moniz, Andrew Dwyer, John Shaw, Colin Shaw, Geoff Newton, Justin Platt, Wendy Buretta, and many more. Michael is a long time competitive runner with a USATF National Championship silver medal under his belt and more than 10 years experience producing and timing top quality events. Virginia started helping Michael with race production and timing 5 years ago; Chris and Alec joined the team in 2006; and the team continues to grow. We worked together to produce and/or professionally time 92 events in 2006, 94 in 2007, 95 in 2008, 104 in 2009, 118 in 2010, 164 in 2011, 222 in 2012, 252 in 2013, and 242 in 2014. We will produce and/or professionally time more than 250 events in 2015.