Why Run A 3C Race Productions Event?

Beautiful Off-Road Courses in Parks Around New England

Mine Falls Park - Nashua, New Hampshire

Back Cove Trail - Portland, Maine

Artesani Park - Brighton, Massachusetts


Great Looking Medals Like This


Cool Draft Misting Fan At All Summer Races


Unique and Great Looking T-Shirts, Gloves, Hats, or Socks
with little or no ads on the back!!!


Pint Glasses Instead of Trophies or Medals


Great Goodie Bags For All Runners

3C Race Productions Events attract lots of sponsors so we always have lots of stuff in our goodie bags!


Raffle Prizes to at least 10% of all entrants with Great Prizes


Including Loco Sports Running Shoes, 3CRP Hats, 3CRP Hanteens, Road ID Kits,
Fun On Foot In New England Books, Pint Glasses, and More!!!


Great Post Race Refreshments

Water, bagels, muffins, cinnamin buns, and pretzels at all events. Summer events feature fresh fruit.


Support a Variety of Non-Profit organizations